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Is It True? Can our dreams be a gateway to exposing hidden emotions and future events by using our loved ones, co-workers, strangers, and crushes as the main characters? Or is it just unexpressed thoughts that are simply just working overtime because the brain doesn’t “sleep”.

Well. YES! Both are true.

Some people have what we call spiritual gifts. If you’re lucky enough and have the mental stability to not let it drive you insane it can be healing and help direct your path. My first tip will be to NOT I repeat, do NOT spend countless hours trying to figure out your dreams. They will naturally unfold. Always write them down as soon as you wake up and ask God for clarity. After all, he is the sender!

Also, change your approach when interpreting. You cannot use human understanding to translate a heavenly language. That’s equivalent to someone speaking to you in Spanish and you responding in English. Good luck with that!

Here are three interpretations that I am often asked about.

Seeing people who do not speak: This is very common and means that there is a lot of unspoken hurt and emotions that you are not facing. This dream may repeat for years until you do the internal work. If you notice that they start speaking it’s a clear sign that you are being freed of that emotion that was holding you captive. The same goes for being chased! You are running from either yourself or others.

Details in dreams: Every detail that you can remember plays a huge role in what God is trying to say. The window that you notice can mean that an opportunity is coming. The penny on the ground can speak of thoughts. Get it? “a penny for your thoughts”. The phone you see or TV that appears is connected to social media and some type of performance.

People can also represent words. Like seeing someone named Joy or Destiny or Hope. Have you ever seen an ex or a person you are not interested in show up in a romantic way, and you wake up like UM NO! Well, no worries the person you may be romantically involved with in real time just so happen to have the qualities that you either adore or hate in the friend or ex that appeared in the dream. So don’t let that distract you from the message. Snakes and animals attacking you mean spiritual warfare and internal conflict, not just people who are enemies. Representation is huge in dreams, and God is super clever chile.

Emotions: If you see water in a dream it’s a clear sign that you are either overwhelmed with emotions or suppressing them. Pay attention to each emotion that you feel during the dream as well. What moments did you feel fear or anger? That is tied to your deepest triggers. If you find yourself falling in a dream or lost it's because you lack boundaries and need stability or perhaps a fresh routine that will keep you on track.

Keep in mind that not every dream will come to pass. Sometimes God may just be showing you what is in a person’s mind or heart. Sometimes it may be an indication to pray for them. We are such intricate three-dimensional creatures so never dismiss the keys that could unlock a better version of yourself.

Also, remember that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. So, if you don’t believe dreams mean anything you’re right, and if you do you’re right! ;)

Sweet Dreams…

Love Quana

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