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The Bright Side of Fear

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Get Out Of Your Head And Into The World!



There is a place much scarier than the world we live in. Yup! You guessed it! Your mind. See we tend to create these wild scenarios about what most likely will NOT happen. I've learned on my journey that the mind will always create an escape when it's afraid. So that audition that you are afraid to go on. Or those people you think are judging you the moment you walk in the room. They are most likely too consumed with themselves to even notice you. Most of us live in our mind because it's safe. Even the darkness we create is ours.

Feelings are valid but they are NOT reality.

That fear is what keeps you from going deeper. In that beautiful mind of yours you have created a war zone. So now elevation, self discovery and peace becomes chaos.

My mom use to tell me that the worst thing a person can say is No. So if you want a certain job apply. A certain guy or girl ask. No matter what it is the No may hurt but it won't kill you.

We all live in three different worlds. The one in our mind, the one in our phone and the real world. Two of those you can't control so make the one that you can BEAUTIFUL!

-Love Quana

Junior High

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